Stock i7 Heat Issues

Hello. I'm hoping some can help with the following. I recently built this system...

Intel DP55KG Motherboard
Intel i7 860 CPU (stock speeds and cooler)
Mushkin Enhanced Redline 4GB DDR3 SDRAM
GIGABYTE Radeon HD 4550 Video Card
RME HDSP 9632 Audio Card
Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo DSP Card
Universal Audio UAD-1 DSP Card

According to the Intel Desktop Control Center, the system is running hot. At idle, IDCC reports the following temps:

Ambient = 44 degrees Celsius
CPU = 35 delta T (I'm still not clear how to interpret this measurement)
PCH = 41 degrees Celsius

Ambient room temp is 25 degress Celsius.

When I run Intel Burn Test (as well as some other audio processing tasks), the CPU temp gets as high a 2 delta T and the CPU cooler fan gets quite noisy. I'm running at stock speeds with the stock CPU cooler. I've reseated the cooler, but it didn't yield any cooler temps. Thanks for any thoughts you may have on the issue.
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    Are you sure your ambient room temperature is 77°C? Do you mean load or something else?

    Anyway, I suggest you run Prime 95 and download Real Temp. Run Prime 95 and make it use all cores, and see the temperatures that you get to after 10 minutes, and use Real Temp to monitor those temperatures. You should ensure that the temperatures are below 75°C ± 5°C. If they're a bit hotter than usual, then I'd make sure that there is decent airflow in the case, and that you have properly mounted the HSF.
  2. Thanks, Lmeow.

    Room temp is 25 degress Celsius, rather than 77 as previously stated.

    I'll try your suggestions this evening to see if I get more favorable readings than with the Intel Desktop Control Center.
  3. Re-seated the cooler and temps are now 35 - 45 degrees at idle (depending on room temp) and ~80 degrees when running Prime95. Lmeow, thanks again for your suggestions.
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