Please help ! - i dont know alot about motherboards

hello all

im going to build a gaming pc with either a 955 black edition or i5-760 cpu. the budget for this build is roughly 1000 to 1200 u.s. dollars.

this build will be using a single radeon 6870 gpu. this gpu will be all i need for playing cod black ops (not a very demanding game engine) and doing some iracing (direct x 9). that being said, im sure there are some titles coming out in a year or so (bf3, red orchestra 2, who knows what else) that i would like to upgrade my gpu(s) for at that point in time.

my main concern right now is picking out a motherboard that will allow me choose between using sli or crossfire when the time comes to upgrade my gpu's (never know what nvidia will put out in a year).

1. what is a good budget motherboard that will support both sli and crossfire?
2. when i do upgrade in roughly 1.5 years to dual cards, will my cpu be a bottleneck?
3. do i need to go with intel? or are there motherboards that use the 955 black edition that support both sli and crossfire?

just lookin for a good motherboard to fit this criteria...preferably in the 125$ to 200$ range...(please dont list a motherboard that is going to cost 300$ of my $1200 dollar budget.

thanks for any help.

please feel free to weigh in on if you think my line of thinking is wrong in the way that i plan on being able to use the 6870 now, and then upgrade to a more powerful sli/xfire combo in the future when it is needed for newer games.
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  1. RE: {MOBO...will allow me choose between using sli or crossfire...}

    Then Intel is your only choice, AMD is all about CF with few exceptions to SLI {M4N98TD EVO}, but not BOTH. Also, for clarity - you would need to ditch your HD 6870 for (2) nVidia GPUs to run SLI.

    You can build an X58 rig ~ $1,100~$1,200 using an Asus P6X58D-E , and IF you are going to CF the HD 5970 AND OC the CPU then I would recommend the Corsair TX950W PSU. Also, the i7950 CPU or i7930.

    Asus P6X58D-E
    Corsair TX950W

    Good Luck!
  2. ^ agree with jaquith.

    Intel would be your best choice.

    And why the 6870? It's just slightly off the 5850. And the GTX 460 can outperform both of them :lol: :pt1cable:
  3. ummm...the gtx 460 outperforms the 6870? u sure?

    everything i keep reading has the 6870 smashing the gtx 460 (i was going to build around the 460 previously).

    i even seen benchmarks for the 6870 in crossfire beating the 470's in sli...
  4. *facepalm* lol my bad - not the 6870. It can beat the 5850 though Cx

    I was thinking on the level that the 6870 is almost inferior to the 5950.

    shame on me!!! forgive me intel! :lol:

    Well i'm still sticking with intel - i picture Nvidia being a 1967 Shelby GT500 x)
    ATI - well, is a prius xD

    But that's just me of course lol
  5. I'd agree with GTX 470 v HD 6870, here's a good set of test but toggle through the entire article -,2776-20.html

    I really prefer SLI over CF, I like PhysX enabled games.
  6. jaquith said:

    I really prefer SLI over CF, I like PhysX enabled games.

    ATI doesn't do any Physx do they? At least that's what i remember xP
  7. Things change nVidia disables that ability. The goal of any business is to kill the competitors. There are some hacked drivers and there are some goofy hybrid setups.
  8. Well yeah - but you're still using Nvidia for Physx. I meant as an ATI card used for Physx. I don't think i've seen that. Oh wait - i might be wrong.

    Ah idk - i'll just go with the theory "that it's possible" xD
  9. PhysX is nVidia's name for the way they calculate gravity effects in games, there is no equivalent for AMD at this point in time.

    Back to OP's question, if you're going to go with a 6870 now, then why would you want a mobo that can SLI? No sense buying a new card like that and then just have it sitting around collecting dust...

    As far as mobos are concerned,

    Are good starting points, and both are futureproof.
  10. Ah, BIOSTAR are you kidding?!

    Also, on a $1,000~$1,200 budget defiantly go the X58 route!
  11. *gasp* D:! ewww not biostar x-x i'd rather get a giggy than biostar xP

    and jaquith is totally right - with a budget like that it'll be better to go for the X58 boards.
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