Navidia 7300GS,256MB, DDR2 PCI-E GEforce

My Fan on my Graphics card, Quit working a few months ago Which I did'nt know until my graphics started going fuzzy then would freeze up then quit booting up. I since have found a program to monitor my fans,chip temps and everything else including Motherboard Model Ect.I Just found the problem on a visual ck.. problem is I want a compatible Graphics/Video Accelerator due to high demand for gaming but do not want the 7300GS My PC is a Hybrid Windows XP 4000+ Speed is important,But I don't want to break the bank either.I would like to get one Yesterday as I have Alot of program's I Paid to download Along with other files I don't want to loose. What can I get That will work and How much and what can I get to backup (External) All my files Nightly
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  1. If you don't game then get your self just about any low budget card out there if the prices is right and don't worry about losing any data. Just take out the dead card that you and pop in the new one.

    Hmm and interesting opportunity for a low budget card. A simple 4350 will do good enough of a job and will be a upgrade as well. Tell me more about your computer if you can. If you are broke as I have been in the past try to see if you can make the fan spin or move. If it doesn't move I would to try to use some engine oil or WD40 on the fan bearing (not you have to take the cooler off then the fan then remove the sticker on the back then grease it. :sleep: Once put it all back together if no luck then ditch it.
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