HD 4850 crossfire?

Does anyone recommend this or have anything against it?

I'm considering doing it as for $200 you cant do much better...
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  1. Graphics wise you cant do to much with $200 considering you allready have a 4850. What are your computers specs? CPU Mobo PSU? and screen resolution. Depending on where you live you could get another 4850 for around $110 shipped and that would nearly double your FPS. If you could save up to $300 for a 5850 you could gain DX11 and run any game at max on 1080 screen.
  2. double post :(
  3. Well I'm looking to spend $150-200 on a gpu. I can get 2x 4850's for around $200 right now. $100 each

    I'm currently using onboard video! with a phenom II x3 720, 4gb dd3
  4. Oh you want to buy two, that changes things a little. Performance wise two 4850 for $200 cant be beat however they dont have DX11, which will give you some future proofing for later. For DX11 and $200 a 5830 would be great however I do not know when they are said to be released, it should be as powerfull as a 4890. And for comparison that 5850 is as good as two 4850s in crossfire however it is $100 more expensive.

    Basically it comes down to "better performance for less money now and upgrade sooner" or "spend alittle more now but enjoy it longer".
  5. Well I can't spend $300 so it's basically between the 2x 5850's and a 5770 =p
  6. What was your screen resolution? Thinking about it more if its less than 1920x1080 then a single 5770 will be fine and you can crossfire later if you have the PSU power.
  7. It's only 1400x900 =p
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    Ya, a 5770 or 5750 will hold you over for a long time. Save the rest of that money for a rainy day.
  9. Alright sounds good!
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