[DESPERATE] Need Gaming Build Help Read INFO please.

So Here i am trying to get this build right...

missing some CD drive and HDD, but w.e you know i am in a budget of 700$-800$ but i took it i am think about it...
so i am in youtube... wait first of all isn't Crysis like the only game that requires like a lot of good parts to make it run godly? so like i said i am in youtube and searching for games and stuff and i find Crysis running on a Athlon, i am like dang i don't want an Athlon64 X4 you know i am thinking here that AMD Athlon Processors SUCK now these years and upcoming years, so i check it up finding a good newer AMD PROCESSOR!! THE PHENOM ii X4 945 DENEB edition i am like dang that's godly, i don't know much about video card so i got the build that i posted on the top from people on this forum thank you very much, my mom is going to buy it. YES, i am a lazy 16 year old bum who cannot afford to buy my own there are no JOBS IN FL, i know that is not an excuse so.. she tells me ''eh... i guess now i might have to change my mind from 800$ to 700$-''800ISH''. ( knowing her she meant 600-790$ top or maybe she meant 700-700 something.

so i am like FML (F*** my life) and i am like ''dang now i need to build a even worse gaming computer i am still rejecting the Athlon and wanna run the Phenom ii X4!!! QUAD CORE BABY.

now i need a new build i think.... and i dont know how these people using

AMD Athlon 6000+ & SAPPHIRE HD 4670 512 mb ddr4 Windows 7 ultimate running CRYSIS.
im i lost, or i do not have any clue and i am an ignorant kid.
enlighten me PLEASE!
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