AM2+ or AM3+...??? (witch better)

witch better AM2+ or AM3+?
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  1. There is no "AM3+" just "AM3". AM3 is newer than AM2+ but I think you can put a AM3 processor in an AM2+ board I'm not sure if this hurts performance to a noticeable degree.

    Though there is a chance the new processors later this year or next year wont work on AM2+ boards. Plus AM2+ doesn't support DDr3 memory.
  2. Bump Am3 sockets
  3. ^+1. AM3 is better for new builds.
  4. You'd be much better off with an AM3 CPU, AM2+ CPU are older and thus do not perform as well. AM3 CPUs can be used in some AM2+ and even a few AM2 motherboards. I know that AM3 CPUs don't suffer any performance issues in AM2+ motherboards, it may be different for AM2 which has a lower HyperTransport bus speed.
  5. The only reason to go with AM2+ at this point is if you already have some of the components. For example, if your sitting on 8 GBs of DDR2, an AM2+ board with an AM3 processor makes perfect sense.
  6. AM3 processors support DDR2 and DDR3 memory, and thus will work in any AM2+ or AM3 board.

    AM2+ processors only support DDR2 memory, and will only work in AM2+ boards, and AM2+ boards only use DDR2 memory.

    AM2+ was kind of a stepping stone to AM3 in an effort to allow upgraders some extended life out of their platforms without buying everything new. If you are buying all new, go all AM3 and DDR3 memory most definitely. If you have an AM2+ board now, you can move up to the new Phenom II's processors and keep the same board and DDR2 memory.
  7. Simple: AM3. Newer but not too new.

    Not so simple: WHY you asking. You need to give some more info.

    Is this and upgrade? Whats your current build?
    New build?
    Whats your use/want to use this processor for?
  8. HXC4all said:
    witch better AM2+ or AM3+?

    This is a little vague because there is noAM3+ as previously mentioned. But more so because it can apply to processors or motherboard.

    1. In terms of processors, AM3 is better because it is newer architecture and much faster than AM2+ processors.
    2. In terms of motherboard, the AM3 is better because it supports DDR3 RAMs.

    Please do not confuse motherboards labeled as AM2/AM2+/AM3 or AM2+/AM3 as AM3 boards. They are still AM2+ that supports DDR2 RAM but they can support AM3 processors.
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