OC Genie will not stay enabled

I am new to overclocking but it seems that I've tried everything and searched everywhere for answers can't find anything.
My system specs are:

I also have a v8 cool master cpu fan.
I recently upgraded from the i3 2100 which was locked to an i5 2500k. I cannot get anything more than 3.3 ghz out of my completely unlocked processor. My BIOS is up to date and I am running windows 8 pro x64. I can enable OC genie from bios but it does absolutely nothing. Every time I open MSI control center it says that OC genie is disabled. I click enable and my system restarts, but when i open the software again it says that OC genie is disabled. I am sure there is some setting i need to change to allow OC genie to work but I can't seem to figure it out. My BIOS allows me to adjust my CPU ratio to a max of 37 but the speed doesn't change at all. I dont see an option to change CPU voltage and it doesnt let me change my frequency manually.
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  1. I realized that my power supply is only 380 watts and my graphics card recommends 400 so i'm lucky that my system will even run. This probably explains why it won't overclock. I'm going to get a corsair 600 watt and see if that fixes the problem.
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