Gpus got wet in to test?

Hi everyone. IN december my apartment caught fire and I had a custom build pc that i made. I had 3 gtx 260's core 216 edition. How do I go about testing them to see if they work correctly. I tried to turn on the computer with an old zalman 850 watt hooked up to each card by itself and comp wouldnt start. psu fan spins and shuts right down. Is that the only way to see if they work correctly is by putting them in mobo and hooking up to psu?
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  1. That would be my guess, maybe you could take them to a hardware store and convince the owners to test them in their PCs for free or a small fee?
  2. well im building another gaming rig soon and im hesitant as to test them in the new evga mobo. is there a chance it could short circuit or something along those lines?
  3. i saw that newegg has psu testers that are dirt cheap.. why not gpu testers lol
  4. Im not sure if you could damage your other components... perhaps buy an old P4 + mobo off ebay or something just to be safe?
  5. I think im going to do that. Ill go to a discount store online or something. Cuz that would be a waste to throw away those cards. I wanted to use one as a dedicated phsyx gpu if i could with a gtx 280
  6. Some components would work after water dries but a motherboard could get the BIOS memory whipped when water gets on it leaving you with a brick. The same can happen to your graphics card but I doubt it unless you got a lot of water on it.
  7. The only way I could tell if they work is to pretty much have to have them installed on a board, and see if the board will POST. And to see if they work correctly, you would need to actually launch a game and run it for a while. Just plugging them in and getting the led's come on, the fans spin, etc won't prove that they actually work.
  8. ok thanks for the input guys.
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