Upgrade Graphics Card?

I have an acer aspire AX1700-U3700A has a nvidia g100 what should i look to get
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  1. Looking it up that thing has a very weak power supply, 220w. It can probably still handle an HD5570 or HD4650 but I'm not absolutely certain. It depends on the quality of the PSU.
    If you do want to try it you will need a low profile version of those cards to fit in the small case.
  2. can i put in a low profile 9800 gt
  3. which is better the 9800GT or the HD 5570
  4. No, I wouldn't try a 9800GT in there. The two cards I mentioned are the best you should consider and honestly they are pushing it on a 220w PSU.
  5. 9800gt would be faster.
    edit: it would also consume more power than the 5570 which might be to much for your 220w psu.
  6. I agree that the 220w is the limiting factor for this computer.

    The 5570 would be the safest choice and the one I would recommend.

    The 9600GT would be the slightly more powerful, but riskier choice as it uses a bit more power. The low profile 9800GT/250GT is not safe on your power supply.

    Power use:
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