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hi:) i want to create a recovery media on WD external HDD of Windows 7 from the recovery partition on my sony vaio VPCEH25EN laptop. i'm unable to do so from VAIO CARE since it only asks for an optical drive or USB flash drive, so it's not detecting it as a usb flash drive.
so suggest me some alternatives.
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  1. Hi bhavesh999, not possible i'm afraid. You can copy the partition onto your hdd, but as far as I know ( i may be wrong! ) you can only create recovery media on USB or disk.

    If its like my HP laptop, you can only do this once as well. Create the DVD's and be happy!
  2. Are you trying to create a disk image of your hard drive or a recovery disk? I have had no issues in creating a disk image of my drives with a WD Mybook, a Seagate USB drive or a Seagate USB Freeagent drive. It should be detecting the USB drive as a external USB drive under Windows 7 backup and recovery. The recovery disk only allows you to boot from the recovery disk and to restore from a backup or disk image and do other recovery options
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