i have downloaded GTA IV, and installed it. when i started playing my fps was 30, and every thing was smooth. but when i move or or turn whille driving it get stuck for 0.1sec and after 5sec again. even if i put lowest resolution, and all rest graphic settings the lowest it get those stucks.
video card - radeon hd 5770(dx11)
Processor - i5 750
motherboard - P55 UD3L
Memory - 4gb (3.5 usable) GEIL
OS - Windows 7

its almost impossible at all to play like this and i bought this computer 1 week ago.
maybe its something about that is the game is cracked - i have downloaded it but idk.
help me please...
(sorry for my bad english)
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  1. Have you tried updating your drivers ? also have you tested other games too?(to check your FPS)
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  3. Is what allowed? He didn't post any "warez" or copyrighted material.
  4. MsSus1342 said:
    i have downloaded GTA IV, and installed it...
    maybe its something about that is the game is cracked - i have downloaded it but idk...

    To my knowledge, the GTA series is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games...
  5. sorry haven't read the rulles, i will ( if i will find them ) - so you cant help me with that? maybe its GTA 4 dont support dx11?
  6. Ok then. Wasn't there a memory leak associated with GTA IV on the PC version? Was it fixed already?
  7. You will get no help from here to make a pirated game work and if you ask again you will be banned.
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