Overclocking my intel core i3 m380 2.53 GHz

i know the risk's but i just wanna know how, i wont do but i wanna know how to .. thank's if u can answer please e-mail me at mathews.roshan09@gmail.com and please do not spam :D thanks ! please e-mail me thank's !
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  1. I'm not sure if it is even possible to overclock a processor that isn't unlocked. I'm no expert, but the "k" at the end of Intel processor models represents unlocked multipliers, and if it isn't in the model name, I don't think overclocking can be done. Besides, overclocking a mobile processor is probably a bad idea, as laptops commonly have heat issues to begin with.
  2. ^ Basically that, its a locked processor so Multiplier overclocking isn't possible.
    That only leaves you with FSB overclocking, which is much more difficult and is constrained by how high your RAM can overclock as well, while giving far less of a performance boost than through the multiplier.

    Overclocking a laptop cant be a good move either. It will increase power consumption (which actually matters on a laptop) and heat output, which laptops are not very good at dissipating.

    Also don't put your email on a public forum unless you want a ton of spam.
  3. if you want to OC, better pick a desktop next time :)
    laptops have enough thermal problems as it is.

    i believe you can OC even non-k models, but only to some degree, not sure since i have a K model.
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