Problem with 4770

I switch to 4770 last week

After the switch I have one problem.

Everytime I start the computer I dont see anything on my monitor till I restart the computer.

Always take one restart to fix it.It happens everytime when I first boot the computer.

Also what is the best driver for ati4770 right now?
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  1. Did you uninstall the older drivers before installing your 4770? You have to uninstall the older drivers first, then put in the 4770, then install the 4770 drivers.
  2. Everything work fine after the restart.

    Is just annoying that I have to boot computer 2 times everytimes.
  3. So you have uninstalled the older drivers before installing the new drivers?
  4. Yes.

    It happens with driver and without.

    Basically when I turn on PC I dont get signal from my monitor till I restart the PC.
  5. Please, present a full spec. hardware of your computer. Will need to see what hardware u have, for a proper response .
  6. 1. If you had an Nvidia card before the 4770, download drive sweeper to clean out drivers in your registry.

    2. What is your power supply?

    3. What are your temperatures in HW-monitor, and what does your 12v rail read?
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