Help with water cooling plz help

Hi guys I want to know how much water cooling fluid I need for the xspc ax360 water cooling kit because I bought 1l of xspc green coolant and I'm very new to water cooling. Also is compression fittings better than barbed fittings? The kit comes with compression fittings.

Any help will be greatly appriciated :)
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  1. Depends on how much tubing you run. But I think you'l be fine with 1L of fluid, if not you will have to get more.

    Personal preference that. Compressions look nicer, while barbs are cheaper. Doesn't matter either way as far as performance is concerned.
  2. i hope 1l is enough because the only place i can get xspc fluid is on frozen cpu and it costs alot for shipping to sa... also is there any other place like frozen cpu that ships to sa?
  3. SA? South Australia?
    The only online retailer (that I know of) that supplies water-cooling equipment in North America is FrozenCPU. In the UK there is, in Australia there is PC Case Gear. Dont know any South American or Asia/Europe retailers.

    In truth you should be using Distilled water, which is available from pretty much any supermarket.
  4. South Africa. Also what's the difference between distiller water and coolant? Also if my watercooling leaked will the distilled water damage my pc less than the coolant? Sorry I'm just not too confident at watercooling as I haven't ever assembled watercooling or installed watercooling before so I just want everything to be right before I start. I can get this water from Titan ice store in South Africa :

    Is this one ok? Also what's the difference between distilled and de-mineralized water? Titain ice says the de-mineralized water is not electrically conductive is tht true? And if the water is better than the coolant is there any way of colouring the water like the coolant I wanted to get? :
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