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i forgot my WD passport external storage password. what can i do? pls help.
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  1. Only way to do this is to wipe the drive, so its better than nothing if you cant use it at all currently. If you need to get data off of it, not sure how the encryption software works if you strip the actual disk out of the enclosure and try to take ownership via windows or a WinPE but here are your instructions:

    1. Run unlock.exe from the virtual Cd
    2. Purposely fail at unlocking it 5 times.
    3. Unplug/turn off the passport and plug it back in.
    4. The auto-unlock autorun app will come.
    5. Purposely fail at unlocking it 5 times again.
    6. Check off "I understand that reformatting my drive will delete all of my data", that should un-grey "Format"
    7. Format.

    no way to skip the format portion as that is the point where the password is wiped, along with the rest of the drive
  2. Ohh and theres a utility out there to remove that security software from the external drive completely
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