HD4850 or 8800GTS?


I've found two (used) cards which fit my budget:

1. BFG Geforce 8800GTS 512MB OC
2. Sapphire Radeon HD4850 512MB

I know that 4850 beats even 9800GTX, but this one is an OC'd version.
As I already mentioned, both cards are used. The 4850 one, however, has been in use for only a month or so. It still has warranty for the next 2 years. As for the 8800GTS, it isn't mentioned how long it has been in use, which probably means - a long time.
Also, the 8800GTS is much cheaper (300NIS vs. 450NIS for the HD4850)

I need the card to run modern games such as COD6 and AvP at a resolution of 1680x1050.
My rig is as follows:

Intel Q6600
Kingston 2GB 667
Corsair 450VX

Which one would you recommend me to buy?
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  1. yeah 4850 hands down, its more powerful!! and agreed on the memory too, 2gb is not much, you really should get 4gb.
  2. I think that upgrading my GPU is much mroe important right now, since the card I currently have is really bad: HD2400XT. It runs absolutely nothing other than Source games on 1280x800 with medium or low settings. Hell, even COD2 runs extremely sluggishly on 1280x800, making it completely unplayable.

    Thanks for the replies. I'll buy the HD4850 as soon as I can.
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