ZALMAN Reserator V1 Not Enough?


First off - what im water cooling

AMD 1055T, core clocks are 2.8ghz...
Radeon HD 6950 1GB

My CPU has a magicool copper CPU block

and my GPU has an Ek 6970 Block

internal XSPC Reservoir with built in pump, only using it for the 200l/h pump, res is bonus :D

Will a Zalman Reserator V1 (with the pump disabled) be sufficient to cool both parts without overclocking?
Im going for a silent build...


PS: my case is an NZXT M59 and that can only fit a single 120mm rad in there so if thats why i went for an external rad....thanks
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  1. The reserator is of aluminium and the blocks are of copper. You'll eventually have to throw away all your parts if you want to run it with the above spec'd watercooling hardware. If you want to retain the copper blocks, get a copper/brass rad.

    *false advertising, anodized aluminium doesn't prevent nor slow down galvanic corrosion.

    scroll to the bottom of this post.

    you want silent, maybe get a 1080 rad and get some slower rpm fans on them or get an extreme range of rads

    If you can get tubing outside of case, whats stopping you from routing the tubing to a rad outside case that's on a pedestal ?
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