A case with side window and black

Hi all im in need of a case that has : a black finish on the inside and outside, a clear side window (it would b nice to be able to hav fans on the side window ) , ( i know this will really b hard to find , coz i've been looking around the internet )a fan controller and LED switch to turn them on and off :D

i kn ow this might seem pointless to sum but i hav my reasons: like the black finish , it makes it look pro (to me !) , i like clear side windows coz i like to see my hardware and the LED's fan colour , the LED fan colour is undoubtedly cool looking but might be a bit annoying at night wen ur sleeping and downloading ur completely legit stuff :P or coz it might just get annoying in general having a LED distracting u while u do ur stuff! , the fan controller is coz i'd like to keep the fans noise levels down (if they are loud)

now if u can find at least the all black case and side window that would b gd the other to would b greatly appreciated but i do understand if u cant find a suitable one ! now i know that there are external fan controllers like the Lamptron FC5 Fan Controller( but im thinking that an integrated might be cheaper

now ther is one case i saw that did hav sum of these features : a CM sniper black edition with clear side window but i do like a more box shaped case but if push comes to shove it'll hav to do !

thers also the AeroCool AeroEngine II-

(oh and i do like blue LED's but as long as they r LED's im not fussed)

Thanks everyone - i know this may b a bit annoying !

My PC parts r :

CPU - i7 930
MOBO : gigabyte x58-UD3R
RAM : 6gb of partiot signature 1600mhz
HDD: 500gb seagate
GPU: ATI 4350 (im gonna upgrade this-thats the reason 4 the PSU)
PSU: thermaltake Qfan tough power 650w
Case ????
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    Antec 902, Antec 1200, Storm Scout, Raven RV01-BW, Raven RV02-BW, Fortress F02-BW, CM-690 Dominator Pure Black with Window, HAF 922, HAF 932, Dragon Lord K62, Thermaltake Element G

    Admittedly very few of these 100% fit your criteria - the two Ravens and the Fortress don't have LED fans though - they seriously don't need it lol (although you can get replacement 180mm blue LED fans for them). Of all of those I think only the Storm Scout and Element G can actually turn off the LEDs and very few actually put a fan on the side window.

    However, you don't really need a side fan - it just gets in the way of the tower heat sinks used to properly cool the big CPUs. All a side fan does is blow air onto the graphics card, but unless you're running some crazy multi-card setups you don't really need it as long as the airflow in your case is good.

    As an aside, I wouldn't get that PSU - I'd get a Corsair HX650 or the Seasonic 650 80-Plus Gold. Oh, and grab a Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB instead of the Seagate - faster, cooler and a bit more reliable (I've seriously gone off Seagates recently with my 5th drive death last week).
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