My First WC Build (Not Bought Yet)

Ok, I have been looking at all these extremely sick water cooled builds :pt1cable: , and I really want to do one myself. I do not have the money for everything at the moment, but I am going to buy the PSU and cable sleeves/heatshrinks and sleeve it all first, but I have to wait until January 1 to order the sleeving (No international until then :fou: ). I will then probably get the case, I am going to make a custom motherboard holder or whatever, then see if I could mod it to fit a 480 rad in it and a 240/280 instead of a 360 and a 120. After that, will save up enough to buy the rest to make sure it all fits. If it all fits good, I am going to get a custom paint job (Black with white accents). Please tell me what you think!


Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
i7 3770k
16gb Ripjaw X (Blue)
GTX 680
OCZ ZX 850w (Custom black sleeving)
NZXT Switch 810


MDPC Black Small Sleeving
MDPC Black Sata Sleeving
MDPC Black USB Sleeving
MDPC Pre-Cut Black Heatshrink

Water Cooling:

Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 360 (RAD)
Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 120 (RAD)
Swifttech MCP655 (PUMP)
Heatkiller Rev 3.0 1155 Nickel/Black (CPU WB)
Heatkkiller GPU-X³ GTX 680 Hole Edition Nickel/Black (GPU WB)
Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2 (RES)
FrozenQ PC Mods 250mm Liquid Fusion V Series 2nd Generation Reservoir UV Blue (RES FOR LOOKS)
PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing 3/8"ID x 1/2" OD (TUBING)
Bitspower Matte Black Ultimate G 1/4 Thread 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD (FITTINGS)
Noctua NF-F12 Fans (Going to spray paint black)

(Total: $2500 :ouch: )
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  1. Seem ok, but I would change that 120 radiator for another 360 or at least 240.
  2. Get a 7970.
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