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I have a memory Elixir 2GB PC2-6400U-555-13-E1.800 and 1GB PC2-6400U-666-13-D1.800. What I want to do is, can I put them together in one computer? The computer I want to use is Acer Veriton x270 Interl Core 2 Duo.

I know nothing about memory, that is why I go with expert like you.

Can you please send a reply to my email

I will appreciate your answer.

Thank you very much.
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  1. It will run, only not at dual channel mode.

    I suggest not to post you email address, it's against the rules here. :)
  2. first of all i am so sorry about posting my email address , i don't mean to break the rules. second i am so thankful for replying.

    another question, what do you mean about dual channel mode? is it not advisable to put ram that is not equally look alike?

    hoping for your reply again.

    thank you very much
  3. For details:

    In short, dual channel means higher performance. But in order to acquire it, the RAM modules have to be identical in terms of spec and brand (if possible). That's why in your current config, dual channel is most likely be inactive.
  4. I see.. I understand now why my other computer which have 2 ram "(1)1GB and (1)512MB" is not so fast as before when still have (2)512MB or ram identically installed in the motherboard.

    another question.. hope you don't mind.. if i use the ram with 1GB PC2-6400U-666-13-D1.800 spec to the computer that i use the Elixir 2GB PC2-6400U-555-13-E1.800 is there no problem with that? sorry maybe you will confuse, I have 1 unit that is now under repair, clone computer, which i used the Elixir 2GB PC2-6400U-555-13-E1.800, it is a amd sempron 140. that is the reason why i ask your opinion cause i don't want my acer veriton to get damage if i used the ram Elixir 2GB PC2-6400U-555-13-E1.800 to it.

    thanks again for answering..
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    As long as the mobo supports the RAM type, then it's fine. The worst possibility is that the system will be running at the lowest RAM bus speed. For example, a 800Mhz will run at 667MHz. But since both of your RAM module is running at 800MHz, the only disadvantage is not able to run at wider bandwidth (dual channel mode).

    Ask everything you wanna ask, I mean everything. ;)

    I'll try my best to answer them, although it may not always be correct. I'm just a mere being trying to help others... :D
  6. what i really afraid is if i do the switching of the ram to both computers, it might damage the ram or the motherboard. :)

    thank you very much again.. i will do the switching sometime if i am not busy then i will let you know what would be my findings.
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  8. @damasvara - sorry for not sending feedback, I still didn't try the ram swapping till now. I am still doing my project and I don't want to messed up yet. Again, thank you and I will ask question again as soon as I have one. :)
  9. i have 1GB PC2-5300U-555-12-E1. I AM NOT FINDING THE EXACT MEMORY FOR AN UPGRADE. I FOUND SOME THAT END IN D1 OR E1 can these be used with my chip or at all?
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