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Hi everyone,
I've got an ASUS Crosshair III Formula motherboard and I'm currently using Windows XP X64 and Windows 7 X64 with it.
As I'm looking forward to buying a 3TB HDD, I was wondering if I could install both XP and 7 on that hard drive and make them boot.
I heard about the fact that there were problems booting XP from a 3TB HDD so I'm not sure if I could make it work.

Again, the 3TB HDD would be the boot drive for both OSes.
There was a question similar to mine on the Republic of Gamers forums but they seem to be performing some updates to the whole system so the forums are currently down.

Thanks in advance for any answer to my question.
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  1. You can only boot from a drive over 2.2 TiB if the drive is initialized with the GPT format, not the MBR format. This is not at the partition format level, it's when the drive is initialized.

    Only a motherboard with UEFI instead of the older and much more common BIOS can boot from such a drive. Let me look up your specs... Nope, it's a BIOS board. Can't be done.

    (well, you could use only the first 2.2 TiB of the drive and make it MBR - still not sure if that works for the boot).
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