To hot for a mother board ?

My system temp is 37C cpu is 36C but disturbingly my mother board temp registers at 70C is this a normal temp for a motherboard ?
I am running 2 nvidia 9800gtx+ in sli modealso
should I be worried about the 70c temp on the motherboard and what can I do to solve this issue ?
my motherboard is an asus p5nt-deluxe with a core2duo 3.2ghz processor.
thanks for any helpfull input :)
also I am using the asus probe 2 for the temps .
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  1. yes its too hot for a mobo.It should stay at around 40-44*C at idle
  2. That has an Nvidia chipset which run hotter then the Intel ones. You also have two hot cards on top. Might want to try to do some cable management to get better air flow there, but I'm not sure you can do much about this short of adding a fan. I think they are rated for 90c, so no huge worries.
  3. I use the 610i mobo with nvidia 7059 chipset.My temps remain quite low.
  4. soo rated for 90c top ? or average ?
  5. I think 90c is max. It might be less, I'm not sure. I do know they run hotter then Intel chipsets.
  6. I have 5 fans in atm ive tried shutting some off, changing configuration of them and every darn thing I could try, its a nice cooler master nvidia case I just cant seem to get it below 68c no matter howhard I try :( maybe just get a new motherboard or look for a liquid coller I guess.
  7. Is there a fan on the NB itself?
  8. no it is fanless , maybe ill get one on that also
  9. Adding a fan would help bring the temps down.
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