Can an nForce 680i handle these new upgrades?(Vid. card, memory, CPU)

Will I have any serious compatibility issues when installing these parts on my eVGA 680i SLI?

Currently, I have 2x2GB memory(same as below), 8800GT, and an E6400 2.13@2.8Ghz.

CPU: I was disappointed to hear that Yorkfields won't work at all. Fortunately, dual-core Wolfdales will work with a BIOS update. Will I be able to OC an E8500(3.13Ghz) on this mobo(on water cooling)? Or will it hardly even run?

Video card: ATI Radeon 5850. My power supply(850w TT Toughpower) seems to be compatible, but is there anything else I should know before shelling out $300? My resolution is only 1440x900.

Memory: I have 2x2GB OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400/800MHz SLI edition (OCZ2N800SR4GK) Will this do ok, even though it's not listed in ? Or do I have to completely replace my ram setup if I want 8 gb? I read that it could be dangerous to fill up all four DIMM slots.

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  1. I'd seriously consider rather getting a new i5 750 or amd am3 x4 system then spend so much on a dated platform
  2. Usually I'd disagree with that because upgrading is great.

    But you're looking at buying even more RAM (why, 4 gigs is plenty) and everything else.

    I'd say sell the CPU/mobo on ebay, then the RAM (unless you want a DDR2 build and to just keep that RAM) and get an athlon II x3 $80 a mobo $80-90 or less if DDR2, RAM $100 for DDR3 4gigs. Then something like a 5770 $160~ would easily max out your monitor.
  3. True, I think 4gb is enough. But I'll just keep the mobo/ram and get a Wolfdale(it seems they can keep up with even a quad-core Athlon II), and a cheaper Radeon as you suggested. Maybe even a Geforce GTS, as DX11 gaming is out of the question now that know it massively drops FPS for little difference. :(

    I also asked in the eVGA forum and they confirmed that Wolfdales will indeed work with my mobo.
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    That works too. I'd say they can do that with overclocking, and it depends which models you're comparing.

    Because then you're just buying a cpu and graphics card, and that isn't anywhere near as much.

    I'd still go for the 5770 unless you want the raw power of the 4890 and can find it. Keep in mind that DX11 is new, and it shouldn't take quite such a high performance hit after they optimize the drivers.
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