Loud, Screeching noise coming from speakers

Before I start, I would like to say that I know it is not a problem with my sound hardware, because I have used two different sound cards and the result is the same.
Okay, so when I am playing either L4D (1) or Bioshock II, after a brief period of playing, the game CTD's and there is a very, very loud screeching sound coming out of any speakers plugged into the PC. The Graphics are also all messed up. All these problems go away with a re-boot, but after 4-5 minutes of playing these games, they come back. Specs Below
AMD Phenom II x3 720, unlocked (and stable) @3.2 ghz (idle @28 C, under load @ 45 C)
4gb of DDR3 1333
ATi Radeon HD 5770 (Idle @30 C, under load @ 47)
(Some cheap company) 585w PSU
I'm using a 22' 1080p monitor, if thats relevant
I have a creeping feeling its the PSU, but I am getting a new (different) on (delivered) today from Newegg.ca
Coolmax 1000w PSU
Any other suggestions, many have told me overheating but I'm not seeing my temps going up at all over what I typed above. This PC can play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COP (dx 11), Fallout 3, L4D2 etc.. without a problem, so why not L4D 1 and Bioshock 2?
Thanks for any help you can give,
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  1. Welcome to the forums

    did you update the drivers for your display? Are your sure that the power outlet in your house is properly functional? Usually the screeching sound is found in homes that dont have a grounding in their power outlets.

    You didnt mention the OS and if this porblem is seen in any other games (outside the list above) and not just the 2 you mentioned above.
  2. Thanks for the welcome,

    The drivers are the latest offered by AMD/ATi, and on that reccomendation I tried a different outlet, but no difference. I have the computer hooked into a power bar, should it be in its own dedicated plug?
  3. Power bar? - you meant power strip...ok...usually when your power bar is three pin(as well as your main outlet) that means your PC is also grounded. But if the powerbar is 2 pin and your outlet is 3 prong/pin then your PC isnt grounded. Heres a small test you can try out to known if your PC is grounded.

    Take a Philips tester and have it touching a bare metal face on your PC case, have your bare feet touch the ground (without the carpet :) ) and see if the small bulb in the tester lights up. If it does light up - you have a grounding issue.

    I also forgot - what is your mobo/soundcard? or are you using the DP on your Grafix card

    BTW - your welcome!
  4. It seems to not be happening anymore (knock on wood), and the PC is grounded. The sound cards that I have tried are an older Soundblaster one (not sure as too the model) and the integrated one on the board. I can't find out what the integrated sound card is because it all just says high def. audio device.
  5. hmm - what is your mobo?

    i suppose you can get on with your gaming then...?
  6. This is the mobo:

    I guess so, I'll post back here if it starts up again.
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