Need advice: New system build.. which SSD drive for upgrade?

I've recently build a new gaming PC.. running as ASUS P8P67 (REV3) motherboard, intel i72600k processor, and full 36GB RAM... am considering upgrading my hard disk drive to a SSD..any suggestions?
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  1. You can't possible use that much RAM. More than 16, and probably more than 8, will just sit idle. Also, going 2500K would save you a bunch of money. If you're not going for the best possible gaming build ($2500?), the CPU's maximum OC won't matter and the 2500K will perform on par with the 2600K.

    Yeah, check out the Tom's list. I recommend 120/128gb or larger.
  2. Anonymous said:

    Thank you, looniam, for your response...greatly appreciate the information regarding my SSD question...VERY helpful :)
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