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What do the temperatures reported by the IT8720F MEAN?

SpeedFan reports some of its temperatures from a chip called IT8720F. what I want to know is the location of these measurement points (north bridge, south bridge,......etc).This issue has been bothering me for some time now as I also want to know safe ranges for these temperatures.

System specs:-

CPU: AMD phenom II x4 955 BE(
RAM: Kingston KVR 1333MHz
The rest of the specs aren't related to the issue at hand.
This is a screenshot from SpeedFan
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  1. I figured it out.To know what these temps represent, simply launch everest & compare the numbers
  2. to the moderators of toms hardware,please state this thread as solved & disable the option to reply as I've answered my question by myself
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    I have same Mobo as you do ....I figured that Temp1in Speedfan is Mobo Temperature but not sure about Temp2 ...but it is not the GPU temp. Any Help welcome.
  4. Everest states this as the CPU temperature.Most probably, it will be the CPU socket temperature & Temp3 is just like it
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