Corsair H100 vs H100i (Different) EDIT: RASA RS210

Alright guys it pretty much says it all in the title I just want to know which one has more bang for the buck because the H100 is on sale for $89.99 while the H100i is at $114.99.

Help is much appreciated!

EDIT: Is the XSPC RASA RS210 anygood? I found one for a pretty good price.
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  1. The XSPC kits are an excellent (IMO) way to get your start in water cooling. As the RASA RS 120 kit comes I would expect it's performance to be near that of the Corsairs. The RASA is a very good waterblock, only recently being replaced by the Raystorm in XSPC's lineup. The small radiator is the two weak point in that particular XSPC kit. An additional radiator might be one of your first upgrades.
    On the other hand, there are the two Corsair all-in-one units which are good enough for most overclocking purposes and are considered to be the equivelent of a high-end air cooler if configured in push/pull (four fans).
    I personally have used all-in-ones and I keep one on hand as a back up (for if I lose a pump or something) but much prefer the XSPC (or other) kits
    My $0.02
  2. The custom water cooling would be a lot better. Although the H100i's box looks cool so take that into consideration :).
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