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Hello, I have had 2 power supplies i bought from corsair.. the HX850W that fried all my DVD drives and HD drives...they said thats impossible that 2 would do it...i sent 1 back over a month ago that the guy said was fine at tech support and i am afraid to send this back because they mite say it has no problem which my pc repair guy said it is defective...should i return it or send it to someone else to get a fair shake
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  1. The Corsair HX series are an excellent line of PSUs - more or less every Corsair PSU is of very high quality. So to me, it seems unlikely that two units will fail. It's more likely that there is another issue with your system. What are the symptoms of your problems? Maybe we can shed some light on a few possibilties :)
  2. Ok...this pc repair guy is not my neighbor..and my other psu works fine...and why is the prob always in your system...and when the pc repair shop installed another harddrive in the system it blew his...and this other pc guy installed the power supply on another comp and it blew his stuff...nothing happens until u install it in a comp then boom...if u wish to look at bad reviews on this psu look on
  3. all i can say is my system works fine with the thermaltake 650 ps i installed myself with no explain to me how can u hook a psu up incorrectly since the cables and plugs can only plug into the proper ports..i just need to take it to my local community colleges computer building class and donate this psu and watch it fry their comps HDD and DVD drives..prob having a laywer present to document its failure isn't a bad idea..and to the guy who said its impossible for 2 of the same brand to do the same thing, corsair said the exact perhaps some corsair peeps here..
  4. Or you have a unique situation where you have already determined what is wrong and don't give a damn about what we say, even though we are using our time to help you. This is despite the fact that it is most likely that something in your system is killing these power supplies, not the other way around.

    Or you are trolling and making up this very implausible story. (PC repair guys aren't about to put a possibly defective PSU anywhere near a component when their are fairly inexpensive testers)

    Or you are an idiot.

    You pick.
  5. lemme say..i am not an idiot...2nd the power supply that blew my HDds and DVds still works...just have my thermaltake in it that works fine..and i am not a troller...and this is my last post on a forum a tech guy said mite have some awnsers...but so far nothing in the way of help but been met with hostility..and if my system were blowing the other psus why not the thermaltake?
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