BIOS OC not active in Windows 7

Hi folks. I have a 3770k and Sabertooth Z77. In the BIOS, I have the OC set at a mult of 44 (100MHz clock) and a voltage of 1.225v. It saves there just fine if I reboot. The problem is, when I boot into Windows, it gets set to a mult of 42. So, in Prime I am running at 4.2GHz instead of the desired (and BIOS setting of) 4.4GHz (CPU-Z). Although, the voltage is set at 1.225v. If I use the ASUS windows OC tool and change it to 44, it sticks through Prime, until I reboot and it once again is back to 42. Any thoughts? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. What dose CPU z show your CPU running at?
  2. It was showing 4.2. The problem was solved with a reflash of the BIOS. Just one of those finnicky things, I guess. Happily running at 4.5GHz!
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