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Here we go--my question is I have done all the instructions my mobo guide says.I have checked and checked again to make sure everything turns on inside my rig.The problem is the monitor comes on but thats it.It then goes off again.Nothing that is hooked into my usb ports comes on mouse,keyboard,although my speakers light up so I take it that is a good sign.An possible solutions what is wrong??Yeah,my first build so I am new to the field of bios set up and all that goes with it.Any help would be appreciated.I even checked my mouse & other usb items with my Dell (one I am using now).A little confusing,mobo lights up everything else comes on inside just not the other stuff.
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  1. Our standard checklist is in the homebuilt section:

    If you still have problems after that, let us know.
  2. i dont hear anything(short or long beeps)I checked and I do have the system warning speaker.
  3. Please list what you're trying to build. Motherboard etc.
  4. Is your video card dead?
  5. I have pieced together everything.I have an Asus ws P6t6 revolution mobo,12gb of corsair dominator R.A.M.,i-7980 proc,Evga Gtx 295+Evga Gtx 480,1200w P.C.&Power Cooling Psu,blu ray drive,blu ray burner,Zalman Cnps 9900 cooler proc,23in Gateway Hd monitor,seagate barricuda 2tb 7200rpm Hard drive,Corsair 128gb SSD,Silverstone Raven Rvo1 case,With an extra added fan,Windows7 64bit Ultimate etc......Its already built.All come on when powered up except the mouse & keyboard& monitor,the 3 things that working right now to send this message.
  6. Tested both video cards in another computer and both are fine
  7. seanny said:
    Tested both video cards in another computer and both are fine

    Seems like it could be a motherboard issue then.
  8. it comes on & lights up & everything that is running to it is powered on.Here is a question the Ram should they illuminate some kind of way???
  9. Do you have an on board video chip (I can't remember if the X58 has one)? If yes try that out.
  10. no on board video chpset
  11. When you power on does it sound like all fans are at full speed constantly or do they settle after a few seconds?

    If they are running at high speed check both the 24-pin main and 8-pin secondary ATX power connectors are seated correctly on the motherboard.
  12. they are running but they are hard to hear.they move a decent amount of air. they stay the same speeds.all of them
  13. Ok I would guess that you have placed the RAM Dimms in the wrong slots. For instance the Lynnfield Gigabyte Board I am using likes the RAM in the white slots if I am only using two Dimms. If I add two more only then do the blue slots come into play.
  14. all the slots are filled how would it be wrong???i tried using one stick in all six slots and still nothing.
  15. then tried one stick at a time and same thing.
  16. Maybe the PCIe controller is broken.
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