Is MSI a good mobo to use?

Hey everyone is MSI good to use as a mobo?
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  1. yes ,but it usualy depends on what you want to get out of it.

    every board has some pro and cons,
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    MSI is a respectable Motherboard manufacturer. I would rank them 3rd overall for an AMD board behind ASUS & Gigabyte. For Intel, they are fourth behind EVGA, ASUS & Gigabyte. IMO.

    If you post a link to your motherboard choice, we can review and determine if that is the "best option".
  3. It is a decent single card board. Where are you buying from or can you list some other models you can purchase from?
  4. Definitely, used 4 different models of MSI ,and they work well-
  5. With that "Military Class" thing, MSI is a serious contender in the motherboard market. They have some nice looking designs too. :O

    I've seen some side taking comments towards this brand, which is actually a good thing. For AMD vs Intel, fanboism only leads to flame wars. For motherboards, it's a sign of reliability.
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