I have Purchased a new P8Z68-M-PRO board, I5, with 6 x 2 TB drives. I'm intializeing the raid 5, and I appear to be having mixed results.

With no disk storage activity / access, the raid is only intializeing at 1% per hour.

I have another mother board, with the same setup, only taking around 10 hours to initialize. I have swapped out the motherboard, flashed the bios, run "seatools" disk checker, all with no avail.
I de-membered the disk's, and formatted individually, and then re membered them into the raid.
Has anyone got any ideas?
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  1. 10hrs to intialize?!! Holy cow

    I highly recommend you to look at hardware RAID solution. here is why:
    1 - fakeraid/software raid is only good on RAID0/1 maybe 10 but not raid5
    2 - motherboard (MB) RAID is not interchange-able
    3 - MB RAID5 is slow when you need the disk I/O
    4 - with OS update, it can screw up the RAID

    As I suggested to many:
    for 200~265MB transfer rate of RAID5 use SPM393-I
    faster you have to use PCIe hardware RAID like adaptec, areca
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