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Hi all - new year and this seems to be best forum around for hardware. I've been a techy for a while but admittedly not hardcore on hardware.. so i just purchased a gygabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H with AMD phenom x2 3.2ghz processor and 2x2GB Axiom DDR2 667 memory (think i should have went 1066? i just need more power in my pc.. not a gamer or huge power user of my PC at home). So - onto my question. I didnt buy any other new parts, was going to replace these guts and go from there.. however i get power, but fans spin and thats it. I know i have seen other posted questions here but each issue could be different so i'm posting my own Q.. I have a 500w power supply which has enough juice - but it doesn't the 14v 8pin power where the MB inputs are, beside the processor. I have a 20+4 pin that i connect to main, but my other connectors are 6pin and 4pin, i don't have an 8pin..

So my question is can i just buy an adapter? 6pin - 8pin? I obviously can't use my 6&4 pin together cuz its too many pins.. let me know if i'm being confusing.. any help appreciated..
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  1. Can you list your PSU make & model, so we can review your PSU?
  2. PSU is UNEEC PSIV-620-2 peak load is 520w it says. Also a sticker on it that says for pentium 4, so this could be my issue. I was in the area of a computer store and bought a 6 to 6x2(8) pin adapter.. that didnt seem to work.

    I'm assuming this is the first hurdle i need to get over, i have only connected my LED and PW switches etc. None of the other front panel connections like USB / 1394 etc. As mentioned for my main i have a 20+4 pin connected. any help/guidance appreciated!
  3. You want to plug in the 4-pin ATX.

    The 6-pin you tried to use is for PCIe graphics cards and will not work :)
  4. did some reading on this thread

    I feel like I should be buying a new PSU.. which i have no problem with.. Here are 2 PSUs I'm looking at (i'd rather go to microcenter since i can pick it up today and not have to worry about shipping)

    But this one looks like the one - is 600w overkill? I may get into overclocking, who knows.. (like i said, still a rookie):
  5. tecmo34 said:
    You want to plug in the 4-pin ATX.

    The 6-pin you tried to use is for PCIe graphics cards and will not work :)

    ahh ok - should i plug in the 4pin right into the 8pin? or use the adapter i bought, which is a 6 to 8, probably should have got the 4-8..
  6. that worked!! thanks.. am I ok going forward with this? or should i look into replacing PSU at some point?
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