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Will a APEIVA 650 watt psu :

run two HIS Ice Q 5770s crossfired,
4 gigs of g-skill ddr3 1600 ram
and a 95w AMD Phenom X4 quad core cpu?

Thank you.
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  1. stay away from the Apevia, they make junk PSU's

    i would recommend a good branded 550w or 650w PSU, from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, ... (there are quite a few)

    Corsair 650TX
  2. +1 for Corsair 650TX.

    That Apevia PSU has 1 year warranty and Corsair TX has 5 year warranty ;)
  3. k,thanks. I figured that was going to happen anyway, however i did read some reviews on it and it said it was a decent psu for the price. Im just wondering, cuz I dont have a whole lot of money to spend and that apeiva is what Im thinking about buying. Any ideas???

    look round here they do a full test on power supplies there are a few apeiva's on their list
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