Upgrade to SLI with current setup

ok, guys....

i am currently on a Black Ice Stealth GT280 on top and Phobya 200mm in the front.
I am using one XSPC D5 pump w/150 reservoir.

Currently cooling ONLY CPU and GPU.

please look at my picture below

I want to add one more evga 670 for SLI, will I need to add one more pump for dual pump ? will I need to upgrade bigger RAD ?

or am I already good since I already have rad 280 & rad 200!

what do you guys think, just add one more evga 670 with water block for sli with the same setup and thats IT ?


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  1. The pump can move that loop, but i would change those radiators for two 3x120 or at least 3x120 plus 2x120.
  2. Quick radiator math:

    200mmx200mm is 40,000 square mm of cooling surface.
    120mmx120mm x3 is 43,200 square mm of cooling surface.

    So upgrading to a 3x120mm rad isn't going to have a major impact on your ability to dissipate heat. I think you'll need to go bigger still, or add a second rad. No idea about your pump.
  3. thanks for your tip but I am currently running my loop with two radiators, one 280mm and 200mm.

    does this mean that I need to upgrade both of my radiators if I am upgrading to SLI

    anyone else think the top 280 & front 200 is enough for CPu w/evga 670 SLI ?

    thanks guys
  4. Oh. That's a TON of radiator. You should be fine.
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