Very Slow internet..Why?

Ok so I have a very fast quad core computer I built that has 8gb of ram. It was working perfectly. then I sent my monitor(my tv) out for repair and it was off for about 2 weeks or so. I turned it on when i got it back and the internet is extremely slow. I reinstalled the chipset drivers and the wireless card driver. The other 3 computers on the same connection run extremely fast with much worse hardware. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be? Oh and I have an 81% connectivity rating. I used to load about 18 pages at a time and they would all be loaded in less then a second. Now it can take 30 seconds to load 1 page. not sure what could have caused this.

Sorry i havent been here in a while and I dont think my computer specs are here anymore. Here is an old post listing what i have;_ylt=AnAtrz.9hdYihzzLjPxyw4Hty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090215222022AAQbJfA
The only different item is a much larger case Antec 900
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  1. Experiment with channels. There may be a new wifi network interfering with yours.

    If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi, opt for a channel which works well but is five stops away from strongest neighbour.

  2. I did try changing channels a few days ago but it reacted in the same way. I dont think its the router settings since the other computers that are also wireless on the same signal are running normally
  3. Have you tried power cycling your modem and router? This is the process I use whenever I have any issues with any networking, wired or wireless:

    Disconnect the power and coax cable from the modem.
    Disconnect power to router.
    Wait 2 minutes.
    Reconnect power and coax to modem.
    Wait 2 minutes.
    Connect power to router.
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