Corsair 600T Custom Loop

I have had this loop running since December 1 and am very pleased with how well it works and looks.
I have heard too many people say that this case is not good for water cooling and I think it is fine. :kaola:
Case Corsair 600T white
I5 2500K OC to 4.6
Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4
Corsair Vengeance LP 16 Gig XMP profile 1600
Corsair AX850
Alphacool D5 with Koolance Top
Koolance 80mm diameter res
Phobya Extreme 200mm Radiator Corsair 200 fans in push pull intake
Swiftech 360 Radiator 3 Areocool Shark fans push intake
Phobya Fittings all rotary straight/90/45
Danger Den 3/8 x 5/8 Dream Flex tubing
EK Blue Coolant

The coolant will be changed out to distilled water at some point since of all the coolant bashing has me worried.

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  1. Nothing wrong with coolant if you get a decent one just normal dead water is cheaper and it works slightly better at dissipating heat.
  2. That is a very nice looking rig, very good work with that. Is that custom sleeving or a kit for the PSU?
    Is that ~40c Max under something like Prime95, gaming or general usage?
    Also just a question, how did you mount that res down there? Just I am considering doing something similar and am wondering how to mount the res.

    make sure if your swapping to distilled water you have an anti-microbial solution so nothing grows in the loop.
  3. Mounting the res was easy I will post a picture of the mounting bracket.
    My D5 pump has a Koolance pump top and the bracket is part of that kit.
    It is bolted to the rear of the case with 2 holes I drilled.
    First picture shows mounting bracket inverted it was fliped over prior to mounting.

  4. I will post a comparison of this cooling loop and my old Corsair H100.
    Currently I have the voltage reduction cables installed on the 3 aerocool shark fans so I should still have some cooling headroom if it is ever needed. The top picture will show Prime 95 after 4.5 hours and the bottom picture the H100 test using EVGA Precision burn in test. TIM on custom loop XSPC K2 TIM on Corsair H100 Antec formula 6 Nano diamond
    Each test was run with OC of 4.5GZH I have also been testing at lower voltage on this current run.
    I also never install the side pannel with the window so this is open on one side as that is my personal preferance.
    If there are any questions or picture you would like to see let me know.

  5. Top view of 3x120 Shark Fans pushing into Swiftech 360
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