Antec TruePower NEW 750 or Corsair TX 750W or ATX 750W Chieftec

I had picked the gigabyte 720 superb but it turned out it was just 610W lol.
I will use i5 750 (OC maybe?) with dual 5770 HDs, 4gb RAM, 1tb.
So which one is better, more silent?
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  1. 610 watts is plenty to cover your setup. The 5770 hds don't require near as much power as most newer cards.

    I'm partial to corsair so I will have to recommend these to you:

    69.99 after 20.00 rebate w/5.99 shipping

    If you want modular, its only 10.0 more:

    If you want more than you need, like I usually do, heres another great one that I own myself and is probably the best deal as its about the same money and more psu:

    That should do ya... =D
  2. Amongst the ones you've listed, the Corsair 750TX is def D best. Much more expensive, but worth it's weight in gold.
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