Replacing Q6600

Parts Needed: ONLY CPU, Graphics Card, RAM, and HSF

Budget: ~$800

Preferred Suppliers: Newegg, Tigerdirect

Looking to replace my good old Q6600, id prefer a 1366 mobo and i7 but id like to hear what everyone thinks, and yes i know this question has been asked 100 times but I know, just like myself, all you guys love seeing new topics in the forums and being able to reply, so help a fellow friend out, Thanks Again :D
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  1. Just to understand your request - do you want a new CPU only or a new CPU and MOBO - you mentioned the 1366 and i7 but stated at the start "ONLY CPU"

    If its the first then 1156 i5 750 is a good chip (4 cores and stock speed of 2.66 but very OCable) or of course you can get i7 in 1156 mobo config.

    The benefit of 1366 is triple channel capability but really the average user wont benefit from it.

    Have you considered PhenomII AM3 955's? bang for buck they are pretty good.

    Also Graphics card wise - the ATI 5700 series is really good value for money. also value for money would be a GTS260 from Nvidia.

    If it CPU only no mobo change and you will keep a LGA775 mobo - then the Q9550S 2.83Ghz quad core at low power is a good buy.

  2. I'm sorry for the confusion, what I meant by only was that i didnt need a case and all the peripheral devices, i do need a mobo and such.

    Thank you for and answer Mithe01, because I see Alvin is just looking to add to his post count, I was looking into an i5 but if I have the funds at the moment I would like to go for a 1366 mobo and an i7 920, I do not need a GPU anymore I bought a 2 9800s off my roommate for super cheap. I was just wondering what people thought of this combo and if the upgradability of the 1366 is worth the price and performance increase of the 1156s?

    If not id love to upgrade to the i5s, but 4 cores and 4 threads is just too appealing to run away from.

    And just to be clear, I am not upgrading for any specific reason, I just want a new rig haha, I know everyone has felt the same.
  3. This tool might help you explore and compare. We love it!
  4. Thank you Alvin, just added a bookmark haha, I have yet to see this site. its great though. Thank you again
  5. Anandtech and Tom's (as I see it) are the "hard-core" authorities on "Whassup!". ia a quirky source of the latest industry dirt and rumors + releases.

    = enjoy =
  6. Did you ever wonder the diff between 2ch and 3ch or DDR2 and DDR3 ???

    Did you ever want to know the bandwidth of PCIe2.0 and PCIe 3.0?

    Ever wonder what Hyperthreading, Turbo-Boost, Speed-Step, Hyper-Transport are?

    You might be very surprised how comprehensive and concise WikiPedia is ! ! !

    And, newegg has very effective search and sort and ratings and build tools (duh).
  7. Anything to do with industry architechture and tech standards? Wiki !!
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