Is XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 a good kit ???

I'm getting myself an WC kit...and some doubts (looking to cool an FX 8350 @ 4.6 - 5 ghz)

XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 Universal CPU / Triple Radiator Water Cooling Kit w/ Updated Pump and RX360 Radiator and Free Kill Coil! by XSPC

That. I heard that the Rasa waterblock is not good (restrictive), will I have to change it out for a Raystorm one ?
XSPC Raystorm CPU Block for AMD Socket AM3 / AM2 / FM1 by XSPC

and the tubing is way too soft it seems...
so im buying some Primochill LRT

Are the Xinruilian fans that come with it good enough ? or should I get some Gentle Typhoons ?

for any suggestions -any other good kits or sites are fine , as long as they ship to India.
And yes , rubix_1011 , as you are the WC expert here, I read through your sticky , thats why I posted this.
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  1. You should be able to get the Raystorm block with a kit.

    The fans that come with are fairly good, obviously not as good as some aftermarket ones but they are very good considering their pretty much free.
    They even have fairly good reviews.

    FrozenCPU ship to India.
  2. Quote:
    FrozenCPU ship to India. [...] US.html#99

    HOLY **** . THATS AWESOME !!!!

    Thanks a lot manofchalk

    Any aftermarket fan recommendations ?
  3. According to the performance graph on the fan review.

    Any of the fans below the 1650RPM fan (which is what comes with the kit) will do better. Including the typical radiator recommendations of the Gentle Typhoon AP-15 and the Scythe Slipstream 1900 fans.
    Though you may want to ask someone else for recommendations, I'm using the stock fans from my RS360 kit (which are those 1650 Xinrulians) and some old case fans I had laying around. Didnt really research that heavily into radiator fans.
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