Brand New Custom PC Freezes Constantly

I just built a custom pc, its got an Athlon 64 II X2 dual core 3.0ghz cpu, 4gb ram, 600gb hard drive, optical dvd/cd burner drive, card reader, wireless internet pci card with antenna, and an ATI Radeon 4850 graphics card. I recently sold it on ebay and now the buyer says it freezes constantly, all the time, except for when it runs a game. He says it even freezes within seconds of being idle. Please help, he wants a refund if he cant fix the problem and I really need this money for college!
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  1. Things rattle loose during shipping ... reseat all cards, modules and connectors !!! Firmly !

    90% of issues can be solved by reading and doing this, faithfully.

    I worked at DELL and many systems act flakey after shipping.

    = Al =
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