Sound crackling with Rampage III and X-Fi Titanium.

Is anyone else using an X-Fi Titanium card with a Rampage III Extreme? If so are you experiencing any crackling issues?

For the most part it sounds ok, but I do hear the sound crackle on occasion. I'm specifically hearing crackles every time I start windows and the "Windows Logon" sound plays. I can also hear slight crackles when playing Bad Company 2, during the weapons selection screen.

For a high-end sound card this is just plain unacceptable. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

System Specs...

Intel 980x
Rampage III Extreme
6 gigs Mushkin Redline
Corsair HX1000 power supply
Windows 7 (64-bit)
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  1. Crackling is usually has nothing to do with the sound card it usually is electrical interference from another source close by probably the video card wich would be the closest thing to it they sell these magnet things that you put around power cables that are supposed to block any interference.

    Another reason crackling happens can be poor speaker connections or a bad ground somewhere in the system.
  2. I can confirm that this is not an interference issue. I'm using an optical wire which is immune to interference. Also, the crackles happen on specific sounds, at the same point in that sound, every time.
  3. I would pick the Driver as being the issue. Also if you have recently installed an application that has sound editing or other intense sound applications I would look to the codecs to see if there is an issue there. If you Windows installation is old or getting out of sorts it often indicates this by showing problems interfacing with the Sound Card. XFI are somewhat delicate at a software level. Make sure you driver is up to date and keep your codec requirements to a minimum.
  4. This system is a brand new build. All drivers are up to date and Windows is a fresh install. No additional codecs have been installed. I've even tried using the latest x-fi beta drivers and still experience problems.
  5. Check out the last post here. Perhaps tweaking some of the BIOS power saving settings can help too. Trial and error really.

    From anecdotes hanging around the internet X-Fi cards and Windows Vista onwards seams to be rather hit or miss. The popular thing to do is to blame Creative's drivers. Definitely hit up the Creative forms to see if there are similar reports with whatever driver you are using and maybe try an older version. If all else fails you can try and scrounge up some of those Daniel_K "fixed" X-Fi drivers, but that will take some Google work.
  6. I had the same problem with my X-FI a while back. Make sure it's seated correctly, my prob was that the GPU was a monster and it was literally being pushed out of its PCI x socket. It used to happen for a little while, I always thought it was the speakers, but then tried headphones and same deal. Mostly happened watching films, it would suddenly drop in volume and then crackle. I got a new case, reseated the card a little better and it works.
    Try reseating the card, screwing it in tightly, and then if that doesnt work update the drivers maybe?
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