im nieco adams and im lookin for sum drivers for my zotac gt220 synergy edition graphics card
(1 Gb) iv tried to download the nvidia graphics WHQL drivers but they dnt work,and every time i try to watch a video, my screen goes black for 5 -10 secs and my pc freezes for 2 secs when i get the screen bk up, can any 1 give me a copy of their drivers for a nvidia geforce gt 220 zotac synergy edition 1 gb? cheers

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  1. I would try some older drivers perhaps then look into the rest of your system. What software are you using for movie playback, have you tried another application?
  2. the latest 1s out are 196 and i used them and i had to drop down to 195
    jst to make my pc useable
    ill try going lower
  3. 1. Uninstall all things nVidia from Add / Remove programs. If there's any ATI or other GFX stuff, from old cards, do that too. reboot

    2. If you are comfortable using registry tools like CCleaner, run it and remove all nVidia (or ATI) references from the registry. Alternately try Driversweeper. reboot.

    3. Install drives you wanna use.
  4. hornynieco said:
    the latest 1s out are 196 and i used them and i had to drop down to 195
    jst to make my pc useable
    ill try going lower

    196.21 or 196.36?
  5. 196.21
  6. hornynieco said:

    Try the 196.34's (not .36' that was a typo, sorry) I would give you a link but you have failed to mention which OS you are using and my crystal ball is in for repair at the moment.
  7. im now using drivers 191.07 and having the same problem, and you mentioned amd :S . my motherboard has an amd igp and i installed the drivers for it, but when i used the drivers of my graphics card disk (which i no longer can find) with my pigp drivers in as well, i had no problems before.

    heres a list of my system spec's

    Motherboard asus M3A78
    Cpu AMD Phenom 9500 (Revision B2) (AM2+)
    Memory DDR 2 800 Mhz generic (nanya technology)
    Graphics card Zotac geforce gt 220 Synergy edition DDR 3 1Gb
    Hard Drive 1 W.D. caviar 400 Gb (S-ATA)
    Hard Drive 2 Seagate 750 Gb (S-ATA)
    Optical Drive 1 Nec multi format DVD R/RW +/-/DL (IDE)
    Optical Drive 2 Sony Toshiba multi format DVD R/RW +/-/DL (S-ATA)

    i know its because i dont have those specific drivers for my graphics card, i know it.
    and iv even tried going on the zotac website and downloading the WHQL drivers for my graphics card and even they didnt work, because there not specificly for my graphics card and there not the actual drivers for my card, if any 1 out there has a copy of the drivers or has the same graphica card as me, then can you plz copy the cd and upload it on the internet somewhere so i can have a copy of it plz, id be very very very very very thankful if you did that

    and im gunna try that driver sweeper aswell n see if i get any results from that
  8. sorry, im using windows xp pro 32 bit, i was usind windows 7 ultimate 32 bit before i reverted back to xp (and then lost the disk before i reinstalled over win 7)
  9. btw im also usind a dvi to hdmi cable to my minitor as it came with the monitor, should i switch to a vga cable
  10. and iv also jst read the side of my bog and apparently, the 1 gig of ram on the graphics card is not ddr3 but ddr2 instead (balls!)

    theres a complete html webpage of my system
  12. well i updated to the 196.32 WHQL beta nVidia Forceware and it seems to of worked a proper job on my computer, but it did stutter when i was playin a movie when i first started my pc up (but vlc media player did say that the avi was broken and it did ask me weather or not to repair it or not to) so with that in mind im gunna play my games and find out if its had an impact on my pc or not (for better or for worse), but if any1 can still pass on a copy of some drivers for a zotac gt 220 synergy edition ddr2 1Gb graphics card then that would be well appreciated.
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