Mounting an SSD in an Antec 900

I am building my first computer as I type this and I think I made a rookie mistake. I was assuming the 900 would have mounting brackets for all types of hard drives, including SSD's. I'm starting to think I was wrong. Looks like I needed to buy an SSD mounting bracket to put into the 3.5" bays... is this correct? If so, would this mounting bracket work??

Rosewill RX-C200 2.5" SSD / HDD Aluminum Mounting Kit for 3.5" Drive Bay

I also came across a thread on the toms hardware forums, and was a bit skeptical about their recomendations of using double sided tape or velcro to secure the SSD instead of a mounting bracket. Considering heat issues in the case (not nessesarily with the SSD itself of course). Any experienced builders have some feedback, on if the mounting bracket is worth it, or would the velcro work?
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    That bracket will work just fine!
  2. Some SSD makers like Samsung have SSD adapter that comes with it when you buy it.
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  4. maybe I'm doing something wrong. I bought this case and the adapter mentioned here and the screws do not line up. am I missing something?
  5. Ha! Yes I was, antec provide a bracket for the adapter. win.
  6. and now the holes done match up.... sigh... how is this roswell adapter the solution for mounting in this case?
  7. I realize this question was probably referring to an older iteration of the Antec 900 case. With the current generation of Antec 900 (with USB 3.0 support), there is, in fact, an out of the box means of mounting a 2.5" SSD. They include some little rubber standoffs (and accompanying screws) which can be used to mount such a drive near the bottom of the case.
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