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I have emachine that needs a new power supply. It is model T3626 it has a Hipro model hp-p3527f3 now. Can anyone tell me what power supply I need to order from newegg that will work with this computer. Thanks!
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  1. If you are running it on stock conditions, the understated power supply is enough..


    In case you've any graphic card installed then let us know about it..
  2. Sorry read that wrong, thank you. Is there one that might be cheaper that will work?
  3. No, the power supply is dead, need new one.
  4. If you dont have a real power hungry gpu to feed you can go with a lower wattage unit but I wouldnt got much cheaper then this unit


    You could go get one of those $20 units but I dont feel right recommending them since they are so cheaply made and could potentially fry your whole system when they fail. Your PSU is one of the most important components in your system and should not be skimped on ever.
  5. Thanks for the info. I did get one cheap $20 for my last computer. Used it for about a year. Moved my computer to different room and when I pluged it back in I had a blue spark shout out of power supply. And it was dead. Order a new $20 supply and back up and running. But if it can fry my computer maybe I should deep six it.

    I did not want to spend a lot on this other computer. Not even 100% sure it is a bad power supply. It powers up and run's for a min or two then dies. If I get a better power supply for the EMachines. And it is not the power supply can I put it in my Gateway. Is it just a matter of using a adapter if it is a different number of pins? Are power supply's universal for the most part? Thanks!
  6. Just about every computer these days uses a standard ATX power supply you should not need ant adapters at all to use it in a different machine. If its an older motherboard that uses 20 pin motherboard power connection most power supplies have a detachable connector for that reason.

    If you do buy a better PSU keep in mind if you will be using a better GPU in the future for higher end GPU's you will need more powerful PSU's.

    Keep these brands in mind.
    Corsair, Antec, SeaSonic, Enermax
  7. I'd get this one:
    instead of the 350 watt Basiq model.

    Higher quality unit and more usable power (28 amps @ 12 volts instead of 23 amps) for $10 more.
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