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My Hp Pavilion is a couple years old and is getting louder so I decided that I should clean it, I bought a can of compressed air and sprayed part of the case. But I see that a stick of my ram is dusty, some parts of my motherboard, and the dvd drive and hard drive. How would I clean these properly?
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  1. You don't have to, but some use a vacuum cleaner. I prefer to leave a little dust than introduce the vacuum suction. Only the fans and heatsink need cleaning.
  2. I used a shopvac and reverse the air so it blows out. I use it to blow out the case and the components. Also, I used compressed air from a distance to clean the components.

    Fans & HSF are the most important but all other components need their cleaning from time to time to :)
  3. So would it damage the mobo or ram if I did a couple shots of compressed air on it?
  4. From a distance no.... It has never effected my system by doing so. I just won't get up close & personal :)
  5. alright, thanks for the help :)
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