Need some help on case fans =D

I want to buy this case for my budget gaming rig

And i want to get some sexy blue led case fans for it but I have no idea what brands are good/silent/reliable :pt1cable:

Help a brotha out! :bounce:
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  1. Go down to your local Fry's or CompUSA, etc. (local network supply?) ... pick their brains and then, buy online if you are trying to pinch pennies.

    = Al =
  2. Here ... I entered "case fan" into newegg's search box and sorted the result by "BEST RATING" ...

    ... Some of these fans have more than 500 reviews !!!

    ... Once you open the reviews (to read) for a given fan, you can select "SHOW WORST REVIEWS FIRST" ... the worst reviews may give clues to common probs (noise, etc) if 10 people are saying the same thing, for instance.

    OOOOO 5 eggs ! OOOOO
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  5. Haha thanks guys, some of your comments are funny! Yea i know its not a great case but i really really like it for some reason!! I only want to get either the 310 or the silver cosmos full tower.....i know, kinda weird huh! ...the cosmos is over kill for me though ><

    Anyway thanks for the blue fans, those look sweet. I'll see if my local store's have fan demos!
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