How to upgrade from RAID 0 HDD to SSD + RAID 0 HDD? Driver problem

Hi there,

I have this situation:
2xHDD in RAID 0, and no working OS as i changed MB.

I just got new motherboard with amd 970 chipset and Vertex 3 SSD.

I woud like to install new Win 7 64bit on SSD.

What to do, when to load and which drivers to be able to install Win 7 on SSD and to have my RAID 0 HDDs back?

Should I maybe just install OS on SSD with HDDs disconected?
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  1. Yes, you should disconnect your other drives while you install Windows on the SSD.

    If I was you I would not use your hard drives in RAID 0 if you are just using them as storage. Too much risk of data loss and no real gain in performance.
  2. I plan to de-raid them, but not before I pull out data from those...
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