CPU issues turned to Display issues. Please Help!

I ordered a new cpu heatsink/fan and a new case fan because I wanted to reduce current temperatures in my pc. I am very very new to computer building, as this is the first computer that I have ever built.

I remove the old cpu heatsink/fan, but the cpu came off with the heatsink, without me "unlatching" it. Didn't think much of it. Took off the the cpu from the heatsink, applied new thermal paste to the cpu, placed cpu back into socket, and attempted to place cpu heatsink/fan over top of the cpu. The cpu stuck to it when I was adjusting the heatsink, and when I tried to place it down, I believe it was not aligned right. I turned on the pc, but it made a beeping noise, and displayed nothing.

I then took off heatsink and inspected the CPU to find that there were several prongs that were bent, some badly. I preceded to run a credit card through the rows to straighten the prongs. I then place it back into the socket and reapplied the heatsink. I turn on the pc, and there is no more beeping, but there was nothing displaying. Nothing displays from my graphics card or onboard motherboard video card.

I have not yet taken it off again to see if the cpu prongs got bent again, I don't think they did.

So my question is, what is possibly the problem? Is it still the CPU? Another component? How should I test for possible cpu or non-cpu related issues?
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  1. Man bent pins are bad news for CPUs if one of those pins was bent enough to touch another when you installed it and turned on the power one of 2 things could have happened you eithier fried the CPU or motherboard eithier way its bad.

    What CPU you got?
  2. AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition Kuma 2.8GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache 2MB L3 Cache Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core Processor
  3. I think that you have broken it. Remove the CPU from its socket again and check the pins. When the computer beeped at you the CPU was working and that you had another fault (probably the graphics card had become dislodged), now that it makes no noise the CPU is not working.
  4. Well, strangely enough, the noise was being emitted from my DVD drive. When I unplug the DVD drive, the light on the motherboard and on the front of the case (designated to visually display HDD activity) blink at the same rate and did so in sync with the beeping. When I straightened the prongs, the noise did not occur anymore, neither did the insinc blinking lights. Just no display...
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