Ethernet VS Wireless N - Help!

Hi guys,

I currently have one desktop machine connected straight into a Time Warner Cable 15 Mbps internet connection, no routers and nothing in between. Just the computer, ethernet jack and cable modem into my wall. Everything is great and I get great ping for gaming.

However I need to move my desktop to the corner of a wall which will necessitate routing the cable over walls and door frames. I don't want to do this and so I'm looking into wireless.

I need to buy a wireless N router (looking into the Linksys Cisco brand) and a wireless N USB adapter for my desktop computer. My question is: which is the VERY BEST router+adapter combination that will give me pure, unhindered internet connection in both bandwidth and ping? I basically want to go wireless and feel like I'm still on a hardline connection. The distance from the computer to the router will be no more than 6 feet away, in the same room.

Please help me! Are the linksys Cisco routers any good? Should I get the dual band ones?
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  1. Cisco is a top notch company, which bought out Linksys and Linksys was pretty good even before the buy out. I would say they're good products.

    The Netgear 3700 got the best reviews for wireless in all categories including range, consistent speed, resistance to interference, and bandwidth at max range.

    But then again, people tend to like what they bought.
  2. dlink extreme series!
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